I am not the only one who uses my kitchen, or the products in it. I just generally make dinner. I am also not the only one who shops for groceries, although the task falls to me more often than not. More and more frequently, I had been noticing how I would go to reach for something basic and it would no longer be there. My immediate and unvaried response would go something like this:

“Did anyone find it in their heart to think to tell me we are out of milk? That would have been GREAT INFORMATION to have before I STARTED TRYING TO MAKE GRAVY.”

Milk. Sugar. Flour. Butter. Season salt. These are staples. I need to know when the staples run out and I’m not too spiritual to yell about it.

I was having devotions at the kitchen table a few days ago when this unfortunate situation came up again. The simple thought occurred to me (for the first time ever) and I made a note that we needed something to stick on the fridge. We needed a chalkboard or whiteboard or something like that. That way needs could be listed as soon as they were discovered, and if the magnetic device were connected to the fridge it would be in easy view of all involved. I hated the thought of a chalkboard because of the mess, OR a whiteboard because it would be an eyesore, so I knew I would have to search for just the right thing.

Y’all. My sister walked in the door to pick up a package that had been delivered, came over to me and said:

“Hey Mel. I bought you this.”

“This” was a notepad made for list writing, with a cute design featuring a terrarium, and a magnetic back.

I had not expressed this need to anyone. I had barely discovered it myself. Almost before I knew I needed it, it was provided.


Here’s a Scripture I’m so in love with:

For the LORD God is a sun and shield; the LORD bestows favor and honor. No good thing does he withhold from those who walk uprightly. (Psalm 84:11)

The commentary I referenced in study of this stated the LORD showed Himself to the children of Israel as a sun and shield because He was providing them with both comfort and protection.

Sun: Keeping from cold

Shield: Keeping from danger

It was just a notebook, but it wasn’t just a notebook.

It was a reminder that God sees. He knows all about me and what I need and want. God used a notebook to remind me that the things which concern me, concern Him.

In His arms I am held safe, kept from cold, kept from harm, kept from pulling my hair out because no-one told me we were out of eggs.

Before I can even say my need aloud, He says:


Side Note: Pro cooking tip, which would also save me from discomfort if only I would put it into practice: check for all the ingredients before you start making or baking.