Sweethearts and Stewards

I love Valentines Day. It’s actually very Ghanaian of me. (If you know you know.) People say Valentines Day is arbitrary. Or commercial. Or unnecessary. All of those things. My blonde half called me from Europe this morning, as she was speeding towards a conference without her husband (who circumstances dictate she be absent from today) to expound on our love of this calendar date (and obviously for each other.) She loves the day as much as I do, and is forever making sure I remember it with flowers and gift cards and notes and phone calls. “It’s like your birthday.” She said. “OBVIOUSLY I should be loving you every day of the year but your birthday I take time out to really hone in on that.” That’s true. And it’s wonderful. (I also LOVE my birthday. Let me tell you.)

Sure, Valentines Day isn’t “necessary” and you should be showing love all year round but that can be said of any holiday. Any holiday whatsoever. I feel like Valentines Day should be celebrated because I feel like life should be celebrated.

“We’re here. Let’s party.”

Is it a good motto? Debatable. But it’s working for me!


Bottom Line: Every day of the year, I should be a sweetheart. Whatever season I am in, whatever state I am in, I should steward that well.

How should you spend Valentines Day? It’s up to you. Stay in. Don’t spend. Do you, Boo! However, I do think it’s a perfect opportunity to say how you feel about others. And to do it with candy. And balloons. And CONFETTI!!!

Let’s stroll down memory lane. I was feeling a little extra “meh” this particular Valentines Day so decided to hang out with some people we didn’t know very well. (Whenever life makes you '“meh” try reaching out to others. That was for free.) It was our “first date” if you will. We’re still going steady. Like this blog design? Thank Brianna. Want to hang out? I don’t even know what my schedule is now. Ask Brianna.


This is the Valentines Day after that. Amanda (and so many others) helped throw a big Galentines Bash where we invited everyone we could think of. It was such a sweet time!


There have been Valentines Days where I saved up and spread love everywhere that I could, Valentines Days where I was pampered or where I pampered others, a beautiful Valentines week my Senior year of college wherein I received so many bouquets of flowers my dorm resembled the hospital room of a rich heiress, and many many wonderful Valentines Days spent with my precious little sister.


This Valentines Day I am taking it easy. It’s going to look a lot like this picture above as I spend it with Kaeli except we will be less fancy but still not wearing shoes. (Side note: I was going to emphasize how little I really did this Valentines Day actually but when I began making the list I realized it was still pretty extra. :-) I am who I am.)

A word from the Word:

“This is how one should regard us, as servants of Christ and stewards of the mysteries of God. Moreover, it is required of stewards that they be found faithful.” - 1 Corinthians 4:1-2

You may not be holding roses today, but you are holding the mysteries of God.

May the Holy Spirit help you see it, know it, and act like it.

You don’t have to wait for a Valentine to be one.

Whatever you do today I pray you show love.

However you feel today, I pray you know love.

And whatever season you find yourself in, I pray you steward the love (or the laughter or the loneliness) in it well.

All the love in the world to you, my friends!

Happy Valentines Day!