In my spare time there are a few things I am proud to be a part of, and I would be remiss not to link those sites to mine the way the people and places they represent are linked to my heart. 

Even though (and because) I grew up on the mission field, New Life St. Louis is the only home church I have ever had. This is quite satisfactory, as it is exactly all the church I ever would have wanted or could have needed. I love being a part of it in general and getting to serve on our Fusion Youth Staff in particular. 

In the source code of my heart, missions is the syntax and its' children the semantics. Because of this, serving as the secretary of MK Ministries is my great privilege and joy. There is so much potential housed within the hearts of these children who are strategically positioned for global impact. It is an honor to work to cultivate, nurture, and guard that potential with the most amazing team of people anyone could ever hope to work with. 

Missions is in my programming, true, but it is also in my DNA. I hold my family responsible for this. Here is the pulse of my entire household: "We went, we were changed, how do we inspire others to go?" Everyone involved in AIM and Next Steps is impacted for life. All those involved - those who organize, teach, send, go, host - are enriched by the experience. Interested in learning more? Click here. 

Occasionally I get to assist Brianna in something she is doing. I am able to keep track of a schedule or edit a post or hold a camera. This comprises roughly four percent of the time we spend together. The rest of the time I get a front row seat to watch someone who is great at what she does and who promotes organization and excellence with every breath. See for yourself.